Frequently Asked Questions

There is no deposit taken, but the DWP will have to pay a business opportunity fees.

The business opportunity fees is one time, while renewal fee will be 10% of the business opportunity fees.

The company is investing on technology, branding, logistic vans – we would also like to have partners who are serious on the business model and are willing to invest today and in future.

A DWP will deliver not more than 250 shipments in a day, each CCA (Customer Connect associate) will delivery not more than 25 shipment per days.

The company will provide branding and visual merchandising to promote different product and services.

Maximum 10 customer connect associates, 25 delivers per day per CCA

Yes the company will provide digital and personal training to DWP and their staff.

Yes , you could call our Customer Service Executive for more information.

Minimum one delivery per day to maximum 5 deliveries per day

Right now yes but in few month the delivery will be done through mobile application with option of digital signature

Yes , especially for seller who sell e commerce market place.

If the parcel is damaged on account of mis handling by the DWP, then it will be the responsibility of the DWP.

Deliverywalay is investing on mobile based technology, through which not only the DWP but the customer could also track and trace his shipment

The DWP is expected to open from 10.00 am to 9.00 pm. the timing of the delivery will be informed once the route is activated.

The pricing of the services is not fixed and will change from time to time with prior notice to the DWP

Wallet is an advance that is to be maintained by the DWP to enable cash on delivery shipment.

Min Rs 25,000 wallet balance has to be maintained and the DWP expected to top the wallet to the extent of the COD delivery amount and the information on the expected COD will be informed minimum 24 hours in advance

No, the customer has to call the call center of e commerce player and discuss the same. The customer has the choice to accept or reject the delivery without opening the packet.

The customer will have to call the e commerce player, we are only responsible to delivery and not for the content or quality of the package.

The same will be informed as per the van timing

Our partner’s van will deliver and collect shipment at a fixed time every day, In future we bring our own Vans

Depends either glow sign or standard tin boards

Already provided in the agreement

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